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About Pampered Paws K9 Massage


Jenn Schaaff, the owner of Pampered Paws K9 Massage, knows firsthand the benefits of canine massage.  She is the foremost choice for canine massage in the New Hampshire area and has extensive experience helping canines recover from sports injuries, accidents, arthritic pain and surgeries.  She also works with Veterinarians to create a custom treatment plan for each client.  This is a must for those looking for a canine masseuse.  The added benefit is that Jenn feels it's best to travel to her clients to ensure the most comfortable experience in their own environment.  This is something highly recommended on your canine masseuse check list.


Jenn was trained and certified by Mary Schreiber, owner of Equissage in Round Hill, VA.   Pampered Paws K9 Massage has acquired an excellent reputation around the area. If you have been referred  by a veterinarian, Jenn will work with your vet to create a plan of treatment that will benefit you and your K9 companion quickly & effectively. Massage will relieve pain and get them playing like a youthful pup again in no time.


Jenn's goal is to pamper your dog by assisting him to deal with muscular pain or physical injury through effective sports massage and reflexology treatments. These effective treatments leave PPK9M clients feeling relaxed and renewed. K9 massage is not only the best choice for rehabilitation but, many benefit from a massage session just to relax their muscles and pamper them with love

At the comfort of your own home


Jenn will personally travel to your home where is your pet is most comfortable.  When your pet is the most comfortable this allows for the benefits of canine massage to truly impact your dog's health and overall well-being.



Conditions which K9 Massage assist:



*Separation Anxiety         

*In conjuntion with physical therapy routine

*Luxating Patella         


*Relief from chronic diseases and conditions

*Pre/Post Surgery

*Releases natural endorphines

*Preventative routine maintenance


Insured by Hands on Trade/Payne West Insurance.





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