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      "I approached Pampered Paws K9 Massage through their Facebook page, because I was interested to learn more about her unique business as I am passionate about animals and this sounded wonderful.

Pampered Paws K9 Massage helped me by coming onsite to a very fast paced facility to provide a loving massage to Coco, (a blue French Bull dog) who is a service dog for my son in law.

The result was Coco totally enjoyed her massage in Jenn’s arms, even though there were people walking all around and we were in tight quarters of a racing trailer, Coco fell asleep she was so relaxed.

One thing I liked was how Jenn was very flexible and that the massaging would help release the natural endorphins and rid of toxins in Coco’s body. I found the experience enlightening to see how Coco settled down so quickly and became very comfortable with Jenn from the calming energy she puts off.

I would recommend Pampered Paws K9 Massage people who really want to provide the very best holistic care for their dogs. Jenn was very accommodating by coming out to our location and very pleasant to work with. Our family gained a friendship that will last a lifetime in Jenn through her services, passion for helping dogs to feel their best and ultimately her love of dogs."

Very truly yours,

Jamie Briggs









           "My beautiful 11 and 1/2 year old berner, Jazz was diagnosed with lymphoma and didn’t have much time left.  I was determined to make what time she had as comfortable as possible.  That’s where Jenn stepped in.  Jenn would come and give Jazz massages every other week and Jazz loved them.   When Jenn would stop Jazz would nudge her hand.   Jenn was great with Jazz and I can’t thank her enough for helping to keep Jazz as comfortable as possible in her final days." ~Jean E.














                Dobby has been seeing Pampered Paws K9 Massage for just about a year. Jenn has worked to keep his hips loose and his back (which has confirmed Intervertebral disc disease) moving well. As a 6 year old standard poodle he is active and PPKM is a great part of what's kept him that way! ~ Joy C.


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PPK9M on WOKQ 2013 - Unknown Artist
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So when Karl was 4 months old he wound up in the shelter after losing his leg and his family. He went from Georgia to Florida to New York and eventually made his way to New Hampshire, where I adopted him after a long search for the perfect dog for me. When I got him he was in rough shape weighing only 35 pounds down to only skin & bone, no muscles, no fur.

After having him for a little over a year, I am pretty sure he rescued me more than I did him. There are no words for how much Love we share unconditionally.

Karl always loves to see Jenn, her massages help keep limber and releases the endorphins to help his muscles maintain their range of motion -  allowing him to run and play as if he was not a tri-pawd at all. - Katie Blasik

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